Logitech Group / Skype / Teams poor sound quality

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I have the Logitech SmartDock / Group setup. When I plug my computer into the Logitech SmartDock extender, use Teams, voice recorder or anything else the audio sounds fine. When I use voice recorder on the Surface in the SmartDock, audio sounds fine. When I make a teams or skype call to teams or skype or the PSTN, the audio (on the non SrS) end sounds very unclear. This is a new system and has never worked (had it about 30 days). I updated everything on the surface (now using, previously used whichever version Logitech had preinstalled). Seems like I've tested all the hardware and the only possible problem is the skype / teams client (I tried skype default & teams default PSTN dialing although it is currently set as skype default because of the lack of DTMF in Teams default). Any ideas on what to try? If I were to describe the sound, it would be muffled or not crisp. 

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