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I need to use Teams for work and I had an inscrition with my private email. How I can change? My employer only accecpt conection with corporate teams and I dont know how change. 

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Did you tried to sign in with your corporate account?

@Mitchell Bakker 




I am also having the same problem.   I can login into teams with my corporate account BUT it keeps showing me as on my Hotmail account.

Any chats sent to my Corporate account does not come to me.


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Also facing the same problem.  Team Members have corporate account BUT it keeps showing members with Hotmail Account as being logged onto Azure DevOps with their Hotmail Account.

New Team Members who have never been on Azure DevOps; follow the invite link (sent to company email), join , create password and get logged into Azure DevOps: 401 no access because signed as the Hotmail Account. All sign-out-&-sign-in using Company Email, successfully logs the user as Hotmail Account into Azure DevOps, with no access to Company


Follow the steps:  


  • Close all browsers, including browsers that aren't running Azure DevOps.
  • Open a private or incognito browsing session.
  • Go to this URL: https://aka.ms/vssignout.

No Resolution, always logs the user into the Azure Devops as Hotmail Account.

Please help - any information thank you ...