Locked Teams Account

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I have had the following message: Your account has been locked. Contact your support person to unlock it, then try again. I can however log into Office with the same email with no issues. How can this be resolved?

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@Smithy90 Did you contact your support person ? 

@Steven Collier Yes and I was advised to post the issue on here. There is a ticket number: 1034163665 if that helps?

Yes and the support person told me to post the request on this platform to take it further. The ticket number is: 1034163665

@Smithy90 By 'the support person' I'm imagining someone who has admin level access to see your account, and tell if it's been set to prevent login. If this is a work account that would be someone in your company.


There isn't much anyone here can do to help, it is by far most likely that when it says your account is locked, that's because you account is locked.

Hi Steve,
So far I have not been able to speak with some with enough access to see if the account has been locked, hence why I was pointed in your direction. It is not a business account - I can log in to the wider office platform using the same email & password, however just Teams says the account is locked.
Hi Steven, have you been able to look into this further?