Live Events - "Public" Grayed Out

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I just saw that one feature I've been really anticipating the arrival of, Live Events, is now available in Teams as a 'preview', however the option for a "Public" event is grayed out with the disclaimer that some settings are disabled by the IT administrator. I am the IT administrator, but I can't find how to change the setting, if I can at all during preview.


Any insights?


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Interesting! How did you enable this?

It just appeared in my client; I don't think I did anything specific to enable it.

If you go to the Meetings button and "Schedule a meeting", you'll see a drop-down next to "New meeting". Select that and you'll see "New live event (preview)".


With a little Bing-fu, I found this support article for Teams Live Events:


In my Teams admin center there is also, under Meetings, a "Live event policies" page, but there is an error each time I go to it or try to create a policy.

Mmm...I don't have this options in Teams yet and I also see the policy section you mention in the new Teams & Skype For Business Admin Center

Same thing here.  I think this is the setting, but seems to have to effect.    It's in



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Yes, that policy finally became available for me yesterday. I was able to change that setting sooner, though, with PowerShell instructions on this page:

So just curious, can't find a definitive answer...

For the 'public' viewer of a live event...  how do they access/see it?  When i try the URL provided as an anonymous public user, it launches me into teams.  I was expecting some generic web page with a player like skype meeting broadcast does.   Am i missing it?

It'll try launching Teams first if you already have it installed. If you don't, you'll have the option to join online and then either to sign in or join anonymously. When someone joins anonymously the video feed fills the entire screen; they won't see the Teams navigation bar on the left.


Based on some testing, this policy referenced is what you need to enable Public meetings.  It does take some time for the policy to take effect and the client to see it so be patient after turning it on.  Based on just a couple of test meetings, I can see a lot of benefit to Live Events!

I enabled it and after 20 minutes, public event was no longer grayed out. However, when I click on schedule meeting, and the bottom it says "An error occurred". Does this mean I should wait longer or is there something else I should enable?

any idea how long we should wait to see it? its been a few hours id say so far

I don't know if this thread is still open but i have an issue where i can't start the live event even as the producer or organiser.


I need help @Stephan Swinford 

@Jim FenielloThanks for the tip. 

I have the policy setup and waited a week for it to show up and it shows grayed still. What could be happening. I am using developer version of E5 tenant.... would that matter? are there other settings elsewhere that need to be set for this to work besides the public policy?



I´ve created a new policy with the same features, then assign it to users.
After that, public option was enabled immediately




I have seen this recently and fixed it using the custom policy option in Teams. Remember to deploy or assign the MS Teams custom policy to users.