Live Events in Teams (adding attendees)


Is it possible to add an attendee after a live event has started? I've looked for how to do this and haven't found anything about it, even whether it can or can't be done. I've added a list of people in our org prior to the event and was told about a few more after the live event was started and I can't find a way to give them permissions to join.

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I believe you can only add people to be producer / presenter before the meeting, but not while it's happening
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@Matt Whitehorn I suspect it will depend on how you set up your Live event. 


When setting up the live event it was set up as Public or Org-wide, then all you would need to do if to forward the Attendee link onto those who need to join and they will be able to view the attendee view of the live event. 


If you had restricted the attendees people and groups, then the organiser in the event needs to go to the  meeting details panel and select "Manage live event resources" at the bottom of the panel. This will bring up the meeting detail which you will need to select Edit then settings on the next screen where you will be able to add additional attendees. 


@kev-event-tech thanks! that was exactly what I needed to know.