Live Event - No external encoder option any longer?




can anyone else please check and confirm if the option to produce a live event with an external encoder is not available any longer?


We used to use OBS Studio. We're using Office 365 E3 and it used to work. Perhaps the settings was moved to another place but I couldn't find it. Moreover, I could not ascertain that there's a specific Teams policy that would block the usage of external encoders.


Any comments are welcome.



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@Olf Did you press "Allow External Presenters" at the previous screen?

@Steven Collier,. thanks for responding, avid follower of you Youtube here. Initially, I hadn't toggled that but I just tried (also invited a presenter) but it didn't change anything, unfortunately. I have created a MSFT support ticket. Just to confirm, for you the ability to choose an external encoder is still available?

Hi @Olf 


Have you answer for this question.


I have got the same issue and I'm still on it