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Live Event Suddenly cut off after 15 to 20 minutes from the starting time. was running and appeared as “this live event has finished”. we were unable to restart it again ( 4 times trying it ). They needed to schedule another live event, a new one, in that other new live event, once it was running, suddenly the video shared through the live event, ( as screen share within Teams live event ), was silenced through the client itself ( I could see the silenced icon in the control bar, and I manually unmute it ). What could be the cause and possible resolution?

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I can't really comment on why the original meeting failed, I would suggest raising a ticket with Microsoft. It's not something I've ever seen. 

Playing system audio (alongside a video) does need your PC to be set to the same audio device that is configured in Teams, so if you have a headset you would need to make that the selected audio device in Teams and in the Windows volume setting.

Thank you. But could it be related to network issue or how the live event was scheduled?

@Damilare1 Maybe if your network was blocking something, but typically that would then be consistent (i.e. it never works). Hard to say.


As far as I know that once a Live Event has started, it will stay running until someone stops it or it reaches the time limit.