Live Event engagement report - blank participant ID fields

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I have been searching the internet to find an answer to explain why in the Microsoft Teams Live Event engagement reports some rows do not show any participant ID's. I get questions from users within my company whether or not they are missing certain attendees. In specific cases we need to be certain that we have a good picture of all the participants because the attendance has serious consequences to, for example, accreditation points. Right now, I cannot answer their questions and hence we cannot trust these reports. Does anybody knows how to interpret the blank participant ID's? 


Blank participant IDs - Engagement Report Live Event Teams.png


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So, as per this article - - is says that for the Participant ID that depending on live event settings and the participant themselves, this may be blank.


Screenshot 2021-01-06 at 10.16.34.png


So, check out each live event settings to see if they have the Attendee engagement report checked as below, and take a look at the policies for your users perhaps too.


Screenshot 2021-01-06 at 11.55.10.png


Hope this helps.

Hi @PeterRising,


Thank you for your quick response! I also found the URL that you are describing, however the strange thing is that the live event in question is set as an "org-wide" event, so the attendees should have signed in to be able to join. I also checked the "Attendee engagement report" checkbox. Still I get these blank Participant ID cells in the Excel. I heard rumours of the call API malfunctioning in these cases, can you confirm that or is there a better reason to explain this?


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