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I have been searching the internet to find an answer to explain why in the Microsoft Teams Live Event engagement reports some rows do not show any participant ID's. I get questions from users within my company whether or not they are missing certain attendees. In specific cases we need to be certain that we have a good picture of all the participants because the attendance has serious consequences to, for example, accreditation points. Right now, I cannot answer their questions and hence we cannot trust these reports. Does anybody knows how to interpret the blank participant ID's? 


Blank participant IDs - Engagement Report Live Event Teams.png


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So, as per this article - - is says that for the Participant ID that depending on live event settings and the participant themselves, this may be blank.


Screenshot 2021-01-06 at 10.16.34.png


So, check out each live event settings to see if they have the Attendee engagement report checked as below, and take a look at the policies for your users perhaps too.


Screenshot 2021-01-06 at 11.55.10.png


Hope this helps.

Hi @PeterRising,


Thank you for your quick response! I also found the URL that you are describing, however the strange thing is that the live event in question is set as an "org-wide" event, so the attendees should have signed in to be able to join. I also checked the "Attendee engagement report" checkbox. Still I get these blank Participant ID cells in the Excel. I heard rumours of the call API malfunctioning in these cases, can you confirm that or is there a better reason to explain this?


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I have noticed the same behavior in our company and wonder if anyone has found an answer in the meantime as to why some participant IDs remain empty.
I have also made sure that the event is set to Org-wide and that the "Attendee Engagement Report" checkbox is checked.

Hi@S_Knaeuper ,


Unfortunately, I don't have any more information concerning this issue. I also haven't checked this for a while now to see if this is still happening. But as I hear from you, the issue unfortunately still exists..



I am dealing with this issue and it is causing a lot of problems.  Do you have an update?

HI, I had set up an event as a public event, and the attendee report which is generated at the end only captures people logged in using their official ids. I do not see any information on people logged in using Gmail ids. Is there a fix for that issue?@Sylvester- 

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@Skedia and @RuchikaDhunna , unfortunately, I have no update on this. On Microsoft's support pages I can only find "Depending on the live event settings and the participant, this may be blank" (see .As we haven't had any questions on this from our users, we have not investigate the cause any further. Maybe Microsoft support tickets can help you find out the reasons why in some of the engagement reports, fields appear blank.


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@Sylvester- has there been any movement on this? For both the examples when an event is set to Org Wide (so users would be signing into Teams with their Office 365 accounts and names/emails should be automatically captured) as well as Public events (where we have customers/prospects joining a meeting, and may want to follow up with an email).


This is really frustrating and provides an incomplete picture of who actually attended a Live Event, which previous posters have mentioned may have bigger consequences (e.g. being counted for training or accreditation, customer sales, etc).


Any update is appreciated! 

Our customers are also facing the same issue. We are implementing Dynamics Marketing and using also the Teams Integration and are holding Teams Live Events. Now it's really frustrating for our customers that they do not really have the possibility to follow up with their webinar attendees. When is there a fix planned?