Live Event - Anonymous Access - Name?

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Hi all,

I setup a Live Event and used an anonymous link. If the external person uses "join anonymously", is there any way they can enter a name? They're using Chrome.


I realise the link is anonymous but is there anyway I can see if they are in the meeting?


Or is there anyway I can invite people to a live event and allow them access without them setting up a Microsoft account?

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Yes, they should see a form upon joining, which allows them to enter a name. Problem is, they can add any name. So it's usually a good idea to invite them as Guests instead. But if you want to do it anonymously, you sure can.

Thanks! I'll test again. It works fine as a normal meeting, they enter a name and wait in the lobby.

If I want to invite them as guest, do I need to add them to Azure AD first? Or just invite them via their external email address?

Either way is fine.

@Vasil Michev I do not see this form upon joining where anonymous user can enter their name.


For more clarity, it should be presented as:

- Anonymous

- Identify using an O365 or MS Account

- Providing your name (Text field)


We want username for the presence report and don't want to require everyone to get an MS account for that.


Also the anonymous link is very hard to see. See below.


Screen 01 when accessing the attendee link:



Screen 02: Web UI. No place to enter username.





Thanks @Martin Coupal I don't see the option either. It's annoying.


If the user is a guest user, does that mean they need an Office 365 Account or a Microsoft account? They can't just use their own email address?

Hi @Vasil Michev 


I've tested this out myself on two computers, one PC being the Presenter/Producer, and the other computer being the Guest who joined the meeting via Web Browser, and I didn't see this form. Where can guests leave their names in public MS Teams Live Events? Is there a setting that we need to enable when we're scheduling the live event in the calendar? 

@Sophia_SSCT Looking for the same. We would like to see a link that will include the user to enter a name and email address upon entry. no need for registering, but only for the purpose of reporting. I'm sure anyone can enter anything they want, but for the most part, people will be honest about their info. At least give us the option to request it upon their connection


Use the following link to vote on this and get Microsoft to add this option.