Live com palestrante convidado usando'
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 Tenho que fazer uma live pelo Microsoft Teams,  aberto ao ha um grupo, porém um dos palestrantes vai ser um convidado, porém com testes esse convidado que usa um e-mail do GMAIL, não consegue interagir, eu preciso que todos possam ouvi-lo, vê-lo, e que ele consiga compartilhar a tela dele.

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Hi, are you able to check in the Teams Admin Center to see if the Guest user access is enabled and configured as necessary?  You can find these settings under Org-wide settings > Guest Access


Screenshot 2020-10-05 at 17.26.51.png

Please ask a Teams Admin to confirm this for you if you don't have access to Teams Admin Center

Hi @Carlos_Portela on my site when i try this it was needed the Guest users to be added in the Azure Active Directory, otherwise i have the same issue as you. For me it resolve the issue after i added the user email as guest in the AAD, basically you invite the user. 






Adding the user as a member via Teams will achieve the same.  The guest will be added in Azure AD either way, but yes the guest must be properly invited into the Team in order to be able to access it.



Honestly i don't know how it will reflect (still sometimes when i have time trying to troubleshoot but i can't find anything strange) but In my situation a lot of times when i try to invite directly for Teams Meeting from Outlook or etc it was not working a lot of times from HR invites some people for interview and it was not working, after i add the user into the AAD it begin to work . very strange ... 



Hmm interesting.  I will definitely play with this a bit more and see if I can duplicate your experience.  Thank you for sharing this info.  :smile: