Live Captions not available

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I am trying to enable Live Captions in Teams for our users but they cannot see the option on the 'More Action' Menu.


I have made sure it is enabled in the Teams Admin Portal. 


Does any one have any suggestions?  I am in the UK









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Hello, have you had a closer look at the meeting policies? That’s my best guess from what you’re describing.
The option to enable isn't even there on the user interface. It is for some, but not all.



I'm having the same issue, some of our users can see the option to use live captioning in teams, some can't. The biggest issue is that the user who needs it the most can't. I've Microsoft on the hook for an answer, if we find a resolve, I'll let you know.

@Dorothy VerspeekWe found the solution is in the Admin Console.  For some reason, the policy that was applied to the accounts changed from a Generic Policy to a Restricted Access Policy.  I would check the accounts of those who can't see the closed captioning and ensure the latter policy is not applied.  We ran a report of all the users who did have the restricted policy applied and changed them back to generic.  Not sure how it got changed and it only happened to about 1/4 of our users.  WEIRD, but once the policy was switched back to generic, everyone was able to access closed captioning.  Also, closed captioning does not work on the online version of MS Teams, they must be using the downloaded client.

@cindyb72 Thank you, I looked at the User's policy and that appears to be the issue. I appreciate your help.

Team doesn't have this basic stability. For me if I use team within the organization there is option but for local pc meetings it doesn't appear. I always prefer Google meet to understand French caption.