Live Captions in Teams Meetings (NOT Live Events)


I know that Teams offers live captions/subtitles with Live Events.  Does that same functionality exist for regular Teams meetings (i.e. not live events)?  If so, how do I turn that on?



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This hasn’t rolled out to my knowledge but it is coming and something they announced at enterprise connect. So one of these days :).

@Greg Davidson This feature dropped yesterday on selected Teams tenantsLive-captioning.jpg

Does anyone know if the voice processing is done in local data centres - or is it all routed through the US? Struggling to get an answer from any channel, which leads me to suspect the latter ... and which would force us to turn it off.


Edit: subsequent testing indicates significant dropouts in captions - entire sentences are missing. This suggests latency issues of processing going half way around the world.

Hi @Ilya Bukshteyn   @Sohail Tariq -- can you comment on whether translated captions are on the MTR roadmap? I see a roadmap entry for translated captions in Live Events and one for in-language captions for MTR. But not one where MTR content can be translated/captioned. Thx!



@june-m-dayon hi June, this is not MTR specific. We will have translated captions on MTR when Teams has translated captions in Teams meetings (not Live Events).  I can't comment on that timing though sorry.

@Greg Davidson, yes you can now., see the instructions here: 


Use live captions in a Teams meeting

@HardikModi What needs to be done to get the Live CC option in my desktop Teams app?  I've downloaded the latest version that matches one of my employees where the option shows for them but not in my same version?

@Greg Davidson I can see Life captioning now available for Teams meeting. I am not sure when this feature not available when joining a meeting via Desktop but works well on mobile app.


Also, when I make an audio or video call with Individual then life captioning won't be available (find the screenshot below). Has anyone experienced same thing or actually not available? Please advise.



Calls are not the same as a meeting they do not get the live caption.

Same problem here.  Some users have the Live CC option some not.


All users are from the same tenant

Some features can be pushed to random people in a tenant, seen it many times. Only other thing besides a rollout issue is it's only supported on Desktop client and in US English but there is also the Meeting Policies that could be applied to different sets of users as well. The meeting policy has an option for allowing transcription so you could check there as well. If all those are fine, it has to be that it isn't enabled for all users from a rollout perspective.

@agupta_syd  I'm having the same issue with my desktop when I'm in a Live Teams meeting, the closed caption option wasn't available. #frustrated #accessibility

Hi @deanlee 


I am the PM for live captions feature on Teams. I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues. My apologies.


Can you please share a screenshot?


Also, Live captions is only available on Teams desktop and Teams mobile clients today but not on the web.


Also please make sure that your tenant admin has live captions policy set correctly for you to access live captions. If it is set to DisabledUserOverride, live captions won’t be enabled at the start of a meeting but the user can enable the feature after they join. If it is set to Disabled then live captions won't be available to the user until tenant admins sets it to DisabledUserOverride.





Thank you



Hi Shalendra,

Is this function available for Microsoft Teams for free version as well? It is not visible on the desktop app but on the mobile app.

Thank you.

@Shalendra ChhabraGREAT NEWS! I spoke with someone higher up by taking your advice. This gentleman at my company had located an issue which was the policy so he corrected it and will be applying to all, company wide as multiple people had different policy setup. Again, thank you for your reference as it helped them!

@deanlee great to hear. Thank you for the update! :)

Hi @Simple2020 Yes,  Live captions will be available in Free version of Teams meetings.


>>>>>  I’m thrilled to share that Microsoft Teams Free edition will soon support live captions, allowing everyone to give them a try.


@Shalendra ChhabraThat's great!  Please stay in touch via email so I can reach out to my company's accessibility dept for that type of awareness. It's important for the entire company. Again, thanks.