Live captions are a preview feature in Microsoft Teams, and they're only available in English (US)

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Does anybody know when additional languages will be available? (in my case Swedish).

@Laurie Pottmeyer maybe? :)

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Hi @ChristianBergstrom

Your right, only available in English (US) during preview

Nothing on the M365 Roadmap or Teams Uservoice. Doesn't even say here with speaker attribution

So, unfortunately, no timeframe. There are several uservoices out there for live captions in different languages (and a massive one for spanish/portugeuse) but nothing confirmed, no ETA and again no uservoices picked up. I suspect that this will develop in future given the speaker attribution development

Hope that helps answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Thanks Chris. I usually find information about most stuff but in this particular case I failed, so thanks for the confirmation! It's available for Live events so I thought somebody aught to know something ;)