Live Caption and Translation

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Hi Everyone 


I'm strugguling to find one add-in to Mircrosoft Teams that can be really usefull i guess and seems to be obvious.

I can see there is a functionality to do live caption and add sub-title on bottom of the picture when you are speaking with someone, which is great. 

But do you know if there is a way to translate this subtitle ? 

For instane I'm speaking in French and my attendee can see the subtitle in English

Opposite he speak in English and i can see the subtitle in French 


I can see that it's doable with a live event but we only get a licence E3 and i don't think we can't do live event with this kind of licence


Thanks very much for your help

Kind regards


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Currently there is no translation of subtitles in regular interactive meetings, but I guess it will come.
Thanks Is there any roadmap or something for Microsoft with new functionality ?