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Franka Sander
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I need some help. Today I had a meeting in Teams and now I need to list all the participants. 
How can I see who joined? When I click on the meeting in Chat> Recent, I can see that Mister X and 3 others joined the conversation. But who are those 3 others?
I opened One Note Meeting Notes Add-in in Outlook. Now it shows under 'Participants' everyone who received the invitation but not those who really joined.

In Skype I can see participants in Conversation history. How can I do the same in Teams?

Thanks a lot for your input.

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Hi Franka,

There is currently a Uservoice open for this and many have asked for a confirmed list of attendees for every Teams meeting.

I voted and would recommend you vote too and invite others to get Microsoft's attention. I will also raise it in the next AMA.


For how to access Teams conversation history please see this string


Hope I provided the answer to your questions! If I did, please like and set as the solution. If not, please let me know what else you need! Thanks for raising this to the community!

Best, Chris


Hi @Franka Sander,


You should be able to see who attended a meeting by looking at the ended message for that meeting. If you see too many people listed you will get a +3 which you should be able to hover over and see a tooltip pop-up with a list of the other people. 


In the example below I set up a test meeting in a Team with 19 members, as only one colleague joined my test meeting I can see him listed next to me. 


Microsoft Teams see who attended.PNG


Its basic information but it should help if you just want to see who attended a meeting. 




Hi there, thanks for the tip but it only solves the problem for meeting organisers.  Non organises also need attendee lists.  Hopefully we'll see this soon.





Interesting, in our tenant people who are non-organisers can still see who attended the meeting even if they didn't attend themselves. 


The attendees list did get hidden in the conversation thread, but you just click the show more replies link to expand the thread out. 


Hope that helps.


@James Brennan I have team members that missed the meeting but went back and watch the recorded meeting. How do I see who went back and watched the meeting? 

Hi James... I don't have that view.... is there another way?

You can find the watch list from Stream. @Adam_Robinson 

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