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I am using the govt cvr instantiation of Teams and everything is great until we did a meeting today with 170 attendees. Once we had about 30 attendees come into the Teams Room, the list of attendees on the right disappeared and I couldn't monitor who came into our meeting or who had a hot microphone. Is this normal for large numbers of attendees or is it a glitch?

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@jdjacksjr  - Did this issue ever get solved for you?  I am having the same problem now. 

@Luclaurie - I am also having this issue now. I checked for an update (none) and restarted Teams, and then my computer. Still doing the same. I am using the Windows desktop app

@jdjacksjr I'm experiencing the same issue, as well as other colleagues from my organisation, any clues on how to solve/avoid it?





My issue was finally solved.  It was the HDMI connection to my second monitor.  It worked fine when Teams was displayed on my laptop but when i moved to my second screen, the participant names started to disappear.  Got a new monitor with an USBC connection and that fixed it. 



My issue was finally solved. It was the HDMI connection to my second monitor. It worked fine when Teams was displayed on my laptop but when i moved to my second screen, the participant names started to disappear. Got a new monitor with an USBC connection and that fixed it.
I did add a second monitor to my desktop PC a few weeks ago, but it was working fine up until yesterday. Did yours happen as soon as you used the second monitor or did it take a while?
no...the issue started months later... worked fine for almost a year! it may have been the HDMI cable or something... not sure... all I know is once I switched to a monitor with a USBC port, it was instantly resolved.

@Luclaurie I have had the same problem start occurring about a week ago - participants would disappear if I hover over their name or they speak. It only happens on my second monitor Dell P2217H. If I move the Teams window onto one of my other monitors the participants reappear. Interestingly, if I make the window slightly smaller than the full screen on the Dell P2217H, the problem disappears.

I went in to school on Friday to prep my classroom for the pupils' return. Having used Teams for over a year with the same set up of monitors, it was a new problem there. That suggests it's a pretty serious bug in Teams. Does anyone know how to elevate it to their attention properly?

I also have this issue post the last software update. It's odd I have 2 laptops and one is fine and the other has the issue. Both are using HDMI monitors via plugs. The issue is repeatable and I've noticed that if while the participant's pane is open on the right side, if the names disappear I can click on the ... for the settings and the names appear but the settings do not. I think Teams made a modification to the settings area in the participant's pane and it's caused these names to disappear. Again the workaround is to click on the ... and the names will briefly appear.

Thank-you, that seems to work. Although once you interact with a name, you need to repeat the process again! I hope it is a bug that is patched out soon!
I also encounter the same problem. I have a monitor with HDMI connection the Teams Meeting participants names disappear when I mouse over. They appears again for a movement when I click the participants list again. I have the monitor and Teams for about a year. This problem started just within 10 days. I didn't check in the laptop screen but there shouldn't be a issue as others suggested. This is a very serious issue and should be addressed ASAP. Is it certainly due to a bug in Teams software, if so it should be a universal problem.

@jdjacksjr I am having this issue too.  Really annoying.  If I drag to the main monitor, it's fine. Dragging it back to the second screen again, the names disappear.

@Simon_Neale if you 'restore down', and then drag the corners out to almost full screen, the issue goes away. It seems to be only when the window is on full screen on an HDMI monitor.

Yes, that works fine - bit strange; Microsoft need to investigate this.

I have the same problem. Worked fine for a long time and now the names just disappear if I hover the cursor over it (or sometimes even when I don't).  It definitely seems to have something to do with the display (even though I haven't changed anything with my setup). Maximizing the Teams window fixes the issue. Re-sizing the window seems to make the issue come back.

This is happening to me absolutely driving me mad. Does anyone have a contact in Microsoft who can escalate this to someone?
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I noticed if I changed the scaling on the Dell monitor from 150% to 175% the names stopped disappearing. Seems to be a glitch with Teams, but that's a workaround for anyone until it's fixed.