List all private teams of a tenant to all employees


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I like to know if there is a way (make or buy are both okay) to list every private and public team in a tenant in a list for every employee who has a teams license. Everybody should see which MS TEAMS teams exists and should be able to request membership. Sadly Microsoft deprecated a switch called



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Not out of the box!
Admins can see this in the teama admin center or by graph and powershell. Sure these can be exported and published but not a viable solution.
If you have a custom team provisioning flow you could make sure all teams get added to a list and from there have this visualized any way you want.
Or you need to build some sort of app that pulls this data via powershell or graph

Hello adam,

I feared it would be like this. I thought about a runbook that is creating a Lists List every night from scratch with the corresponding informations. I will also ask a few people from software vendors if they have something similar in their portfolio. Anyone else out there dealing with the same question or who has an idea? :hugging_face:

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For sure this is something that needs to be developed and there is no problem because all the information is exposed by the Graph API:

Where do you want to "expose" the list of Teams? In Teams itself or in a SharePoint site? Either way, here you have an example of SPFx Web Part that might give you an idea of what you should ask for:

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

Thank you so much Juan, this WebPart looks really great, but fits not exactly that what we need. We like to list every teams team, not only those where the user is a member of. I guess we really need to export/import a list of all teams teams nightly and display it in a list that is deployed in a site. I will go ahead and ask some vendors for additional infos. I´ll keep u posted. Again, thank you very much Juan, this web part might help in another situation as well ;)

Greetings Andre

Yeah, I know the WebPart does not fit your needs :-). My goal was to share a sample where you could see a possible user experience and also that technically is perfectly feasible to achieve what you need.