List Added to Channel tab only visible by me

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We recently started utilizing Teams at our office and I have created a List and a flow for a process that has tested well.


I have added the List to a Channel tab but I am the only one that can see the List, I have added a Task and Planner tab as well which all personnel can see but not the List.


If I give personnel, the SharePoint site address for the List they can open it and add content fine through SharePoint Online but still cannot access the tab in the Channel to add items to the List.


How can they be able to view the Channel tab with the List?



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Can they also reproduce this in Teams web?

Hi Andres,


Yes, same outcome in Teams web.


What she sees in Teams client and web.







What I see in Teams client and web.











If you, from Teams web, browse to the list, copy the URL and send it to this person, can she see it? (from Teams, not SharePoint)

URL would be something like this
Sent her the link through Teams chat (client), she clicks on the link and it takes her to the "Posts" page for that Channel but she still cannot see the List.
Had her copy the link form chat and paste it into browser, same thing, it opens the Channel (web) Posts page and she does not see List.
Ok so now I am thinking if the Lists app is restricted for this person

Do you have access to Teams admin center to check app permission policies?

Would she not be able to open the List at all?
Because she can go to the "Files" page of that Channel, click on "Open in SharePoint" browse for the List name, open the List and add items to the List.







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But one thing is blocking the use of the App and the other is to the list itself.

I just reproduced this on my test tenant, blocking the Lists app for a specific user, now this user can't see the Lists tab
That is exactly what it was, you rock sir!
Glad to hear!