Links to Teams not working for some user

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In our organisation, we have the problem that some users cannot open links to Teams on the Windows 10 desktop. They click on the link, the browser opens and shows the page "Experience the best of Teams meetings with the desktop app", then nothing happens. Also "Launch it now" does nothing. 


We tested all browsers, no chance. For many users it works great, but for some people or laptops it never works. 


Any ideas on that?


Thanks, Klaus

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@KlausPram Have you had any success get these link to work? We have the same problem in our organisation.

@MattPovey Yes and now - my colleagues are in the middle of a detailed investigation. We have some client installations working now, but many are not and currently we found no way to force it. But if we find it, I can keep you updated.


I am having this issue at the moment. Did you ever get a resolution@KlausPram 

@KlausPram I found few cases where these links not open.
If the user who haven't configures their date and time and timezone properly. They end up in loop of opening teams link.
solution: Set "time and date" and "time zones" to set automatically on network.





If the user uses any ad-blocking or script blocking technologies, teams can't authorize the access to them.
solution: Disable the ad-blockers and the script blockers on the browser.


If these links are shared on any instant messaging apps, some part of the link gets wrap under the read more button. Sometimes this makes only the visible part of link to open. Which end up in error in opening error.
solution: Click on read more button before opening link.


These are few cases I found Microsoft links not working. Hope this helped.