Links to Sharepoint pages not opening from within Teams

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Hi all,

I have the weirdest problem.

Scenario: A Teams channel has a "Website" or "Sharepoint Pages" tab.

The Sharepoint page set here loads just fine in the desktop client.

However, a link to another Sharepoint page placed on the parent page via the "Hero", "Quick link" or "Link" webpart will not open the Sharepoint page anywhere - neither client nor browser. External links outside of the Sharepoint domain open in the browser as expected, though.


I attached screenshot where I use two link webparts and one text webpart. the first one hosting the direct link does not open anywhere. The second on is the sharing link which does open in the browser. The third is a direct link and does open but it is from a text webpart.


Kind of weird, isn't it?



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On the SharePoint hyperlink to the can you try removing the U and R in the hyperlink and try to add that hyperlink to the quick link page and try it.

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Satish U
Thanks. So I amended https://[tenant]/:u:/r/sites/GR05/SitePages/Home.aspx?csf=1&web=1&e=im8oJq
to be

Unfortunately, the behaviour hasn changed in the Teams client. It still does not open at all. Can you reproduce?