Links from Planner (Tasks von Planner) - how to open links from tasks in desktop Apps

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HI everybody,

I have a Tasks from Planner (Planner) in one Private Microsoft Team, in a General channel.

The tasks in channel are containing links to multiple types of documents an paths (Excel, Word, OneNote). When the link are opened in from Microsoft Teams Client Desktop App, the link are alway opened (directed) directly in a browser. I already tried to test it with Settings in Microsoft Teams Dekstop App (Settings - Files and links: I set the setting "Open Files" - Word, PowerPoint und Excel files to be opened in Desktop-App, not in Teams or Browser), but that doesn't help.

I have Global Admin account, and Teams Admin account, is it possible to change these settings to open all links (Word, Excel, OneNote, SharePoint files) in the corresponding desktop application? Can this be done in the mentioned Planner settings? Can the users change their settings in Microsoft Teams Client to make this work?




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@LeonPavesic I don't believe this is possible. Teams apps are web applications presented through Teams as their browser, they won't follow the Teams clients preferences for opening documents. That control will only effect native Teams functions like the Files tab, Files App or documents attached to messages.


Planner's attachments are just links, they don't get the normal SharePoint features on a drop down menu. You could go ask the Planner Team if they are planning to make attachments behave like full files over in the Planner community Planner - Microsoft Community Hub