Linking Teams to Google Calendar

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I have read through previous discussions about linking the Teams calendar to Google and understand that since Teams is linked to Outlook, then we should be able to sync Outlook and Google together and also see it in Teams. However, our organization solely uses Google, which means I have not had to set up Outlook. I just went to do so, and it was unable to open my email, assuming that is because we solely use Google. 


I am hoping to schedule a few staff meetings via Teams and feel it would be easier to do so if our Google calendar also showed in Teams. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. 


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Hi, it's Exchange and Teams that interact and Outlook is the interface here so to speak, that's why this scenario isn't working for you.

Are you already using Teams in any way? Have you had a look at creating a Teams free org. where the scheduling feature differs from the full subscription version.