Link to Sharepoint-sites inside Teams dont work anymore

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Hello all,


we have a problem at the moment for some Users (not all).

In Teams (Version ) we have different sharepoint home.aspx implemented in tabs with different libraries.

If u click on the picture the library should appear directly in Teams.

Since some days it wont open at all (nothing happens). Not just this Team-> every Team with that Sharepoint Links at all.

If u click middle mouse button a new Teams-Window appears with its Library and also browser opens automaticly with the sharepoint site.


If i delete all from %appdata%/Microsoft/Teams (not just cache) and we reopen Teams, everything is fine for a short time (lets say 1h). After that the same problem comes again.


Heres how Teams looks like Overview:


Thats how it should look like after click on 1st picture (calculator)


Did anyone had the problem that a click on the picture (example-pic 1)doesnt work (nothing happens).


Greets from Germany

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Hi Boxer, 


There seems to be a bug in the latest MS Teams Desktop App Client. As a workaround, you can for example fall back to an older client or only use MS Teams Online.


At the moment, there are issues with the MS Teams service (Check ID TM612617).


Since one of my customers has related issues (an empty files tab), I opened a premium support case at Microsoft support. I keep you posted.

ah ok perfect. thanks for the Info. Please if possible write till it should be fixed. thx a lot!


This sounds similar to what we are experiencing with Teams Desktop Classic as I posted here  . The New Teams Desktop doesn't have the same problem and neither does the Teams Web. We also found that if you hold the CTRL key when clicking the link works by launching a sub window and also opens a new Browser to the SP page.

Thanks for the Info. So lets hope it will work again when its realesed (August 2023 if i understood right). Appreciate your time and effeort ;)
As of Friday June 30, the Teams Desktop Document Library links web parts are working nominally.

@Forrest Hoffman 

That CTRL+Click workaround works for me too on a custom formatted column button (Sharepoint List on Teams), but my users are more basic so they are all asking how to download the file since the button doesn't work anymore..
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@roger-haragushiku Hey guys. We are still copping this issue and I was wondering what version of Teams was this fixed with? We have updated as of 13/10/23 and it still does not work. To make matters worse, the ctrl+click also does not work.


We are on version