Link to public Team does not open the Team if you're not a member


Using the URL generated via 'get link to team', it does not open a public team in Microsoft Teams, either in the web or client.  It seems that we should be able to send a link for a public Team and have it open in either client.


Is there something I'm missing, or is this the intended behavior?

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It seems to work fine here, what exactly is happening on your end? Are you perhaps trying to send this link to external user? If so, it will not work unless he is already added as Guest to the Team in question.

Sounds like they are using the get link on a file. Which you do need to be in the team for it to know. A link to the actual team is a bit different.

I also find this to be true.  I got to a Team that I own, copy the link to the Team and email it to someone who is not a member.  When they click on the link, it opens a Team that is already in their Favorites pane.  It does not offer then the choice to joint the team for which I sent them the link.   The only way for them to join is to go to the Join or create a team link at the bottom of the Favorites pane and then type in the name of the team.  That will bring up the team with the option to then join it.  What we need is for the link to take them to that same point as though they had search by name for the team.

@Charles Barnes If you own the Team, why not just add them to the team?


Team links only work when you are already a member of a team, it doesn't auto-join you to the team unfortunately at this point.

I don't want auto-join, I only want the same option that I get to if I search for the team...pop up the team info with the join button.


Also it would be good to be able to do a "see more" on the team information which is now cut off.



I'm in one Team and want to recommend a different public team by providing a link to it. I don't necessarily own it. I may just be a member. Would be nice to send the link and they can easily join without search for the name of it.

This doesn't work for me. I have over 100 people I want to access a public team. And I can't paste in their email addresses.

Some ideas


1. give them instructions how to find your team under "Join or create a Team".

2. if they are in one or several existing DLs etc add those, the users get extracted

3. write a simple powershell to add them from a csv file

4. just bash them in manually, 100 isn't that many


@Vasil Michev 

I need to share a link to a document with our client but without giving them access to our teams folders. We have separate teams channels, for our company, contractors, client, etc. There must be a way to share a link without them being a member, because we only want them to see that one document. Otherwise what is the point of links? if everyone is a member, then they don't need a link, they can find the document without a link. Is there a way to share the document without having to constantly download it, copy it and then paste it, all manually, every day?