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Hi people,


I'm wondering if there is a way how to obtain URL link to invite participants to scheduled meeting before the actual meeting starts. It seems there is no such a think apart of copying the link form email notification - but this URL is crazy long and it doesn't seem it should be used for further sharing. 


Where can I get proper link (similar to what ZOOM provides)? 


The only button to generate link appears during the meeting while inviting participants - but this button is broken because it generates a copy of email footnote (rich text) instead of simple URL which can be quickly shared to someone. 


Thank you for tips.





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AFAIK there’s not many way except from clicking the link and copy it from the address bar. You can from there use a url shortened like bit ly and share that


Currently there is only the crazy long URLs. There are a couple of user voices requesting short meeting url. Vote for one of them and get others to vote.

@Michal_Horniecky And as Adam wrote you can use an third party service to create short URL. But it is faster just right click on the Join link and copy the Link


The links can be recieved through emails .


@graeme123 r u sure the link is correct? I don't see any workaround but some unrelated community request. 


@komal_khatr Nice, but the point of my question was the email it not only the default but basically the only option how to share meeting invitations. 
What I'm looking for is direct URL (to joint the meeting) which I can use in cases where sending of email is either unpractical, to slow or if I don't have email to participant. The same kind of URL which ZOOM generates for every single meeting by default and I can't then share it via WhatsApp, Messenger or Slack. 



THough the link is long but you can copy the link and can send through whatsapp , telegram , etc. but they can join through teams only. As teams is only the good app for webinar of microsoft.



can i disable the meetings copy link to members not see

@Michal_Horniecky - You can shorten the URL if you're careful. Here's a URL generated by Outlook for a Teams Meeting (I've changed some of the ID characters for security reasons):

Scary, right? Thing is, you don't really need all of that. I found that it wouldn't fit into a SharePoint List Link column ... too many characters. So I set about finding a way to shorten it. First thing, use an online decoder to get rid of the ASCII %  characters. So that it looks like this:

There's still a bit of manual unencoding to do ... but first you can get rid of the last 3+ lines (red text). That leaves us with:

We don't need that Outlook preface (in red), either. So now we have a much shorter URL that still needs a little manual unencoding:

You can find a guide to the ASCII codes at W3C. Once you've unencoded the remainder, you're left with:

So the format is:

Thread ID -
Thread Message ID - 0 (has a value of zero because the URL was generated by Outlook, not Teams)
Tenant ID - fe56fae7-055e-4c9g-b6d9-9a341506a999
Organiser ID - a5464a0f-b535-456c-bfef-04c1c5fbbc23