Link non-Microsoft email to Microsoft 365 account?

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Hi -- is there a way to link a non-Microsoft email to my Microsoft 365 account? 

I run a (very) small company. Everyone has a Microsoft 365 Business account, which we use for the software suite, file sharing, and Teams chatting, etc. We use Google Workspace for our email. To log into our Microsoft 365 accounts we use a Microsoft email address (ie. Everywhere else we use our company email (ie. 

This is mostly fine, except when someone from outside our organization wants to share files with us or invite us to a Team. I either have to accept with my company email ( and use Teams, etc. in a browser, or ask them to use the Microsoft email ( Both options are awkward with clients. 

Is there a way to just link with ? Am I missing something obvious?

I hope this question makes sense! 

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Hi Sofia, I am glad you give kind of full details my question will is, do you want to change from google space if so then it will make it more easy and clear to add the same regular domain to the Tenant, and with your M365 Business account you can use the office suite and the email option,

in most cases, these users might need an exchange license but mostly it does comes with an M365 Business account, so every account will have the default email which is domain, and their primary emails can be whatever primary domain you add to the tenant.


Thanks for the response. For a number of reasons, we want to keep our Google Workspace. What I'm hoping for is a way to allow people to invite me to join their Team or collaborate on Sharepoint using my non-M365 email address. Does that make sense?

Update: it seems like they can invite me using my non-M365 email address, but that requires me to set up a "Personal" account with that email address and opens a new Teams window. This is a poor work-around. It does not allow me to get notifications for chats from both my Business account and the Personal account at the same time.
So, it sounds like if I want someone to add my Business account to a Teams group, they need to use my awkward email address. :\
Yes, either that workaround or another one will be creating a guest account for your personal/google Workspace account inside your tenant so it is a guest... and then you can install the Teams as an app using the Edge browser by selecting the option from 3 dots .... > Apps > install this site as an app.

so your main Teams application will be your main account, while the Teams web installed as an app through Edge will be your google space account invited as guest into the tenant.

@sofiazander Bravo. Very sensible desire, mirrored. Seems absurd that we have to have: a) a new identity and b) that new identity is the only one that MS365 uses for all critical functions. As ever, Microsoft techs decide how it works, and we adapt to them. Someday the world will solve that problems in a way that suits the users. Wouldn't that be something?