Link is sending me to another meeting

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I am taking an online course that has weekly Teams meetings. Within the online access portal, tasks and information is listed by week. One of these is a link for the meeting. Teams opens, I see the professor and other students in a separate section under participants. I have tried uninistall/reinstall of Teams as well as the entire Office suite, turned of Defender and firewall, and have used the app as well as the web access. I am able to log into the proper area using my tablet but it is less than adequate for the coding class I am taking. From seeing the other topic on the site I asked if the professor would create new links or send direct invites and he will not. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

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Are you sure this is the wrong meeting! It sound like you are there in the wrong time! If you see them under participants it’s probably that they are the ones in the invitation meaning it points to the correct one but they aren’t joined! You can also just ask somebody to copy the meeting link again from the meeting or ask you to join to try

@adam deltinger I can only assume I'm in the correct meeting since the other students I messaged could see/hear the professor presenting. I've requested meeting link like you said and will just sit there waiting. Hence, writing this post. Thank you for your question because I realize I have O365 admin account through work and will create a test meeting with myself and update with the results. 

Ok! You aren’t stuck in a lobby? You can also have them use the “ask to join” feature making sure you’re there!

Looking forward to your update!


@adam deltinger So I tried three invites from different people from different organizations and there was no issue. Just to clarify, when joining my class's Team meeting I enter and under participants I am listed under "In this meeting" dropdown while the rest of the class is in "Others from chat". I have a meeting Monday with the professor to try to work this out but I find it weird that I'm the only one running into this issue. Thank you for your time!

So just to update this issue. I have been able to access our meetings for the last several weeks from my computer. Accessing from tablet provided the same issue, checked with my phone and the same thing, so I attempted my computer and was successful. I am at a loss as to what is happening but at least I'm accessing via my preferred method.  Thank you @adam deltinger for your assistance!

@pithblitzI am Facing the same I Copied the Invite link and the Invite link is sending dozens of students to another meeting with no organizer when I join the same link through my browser login It directs me to the right one. But when I Join the same Link through the Download App It sends me to the Wrong meeting. This Problem lasts for 30 minutes, then link becomes available. It happened 3 times in different weeks and in different Classes.

I have the same issue. I use the Bookings feature to create a Teams meeting. Students click an auto-generated link that apparently sends them somewhere other than the link I receive. (I suspect this has something to do with either "New" Teams OR conflicting Teams account providers.)