Link folder to another folder in Teams?

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A team consist of one file-library.

Default channel gets one folder in this library and other channels get their own folders.


I want to prevent my staff from doing wrong and store files in the wrong place.

So i have created a folder structure in the default channel folder.

Now i have folders in this folder that are named the different teams... i want those folders to link to the real channel folders. This way the staff can go to the channel folder from the default channel folder and also from the channels file link.


How do i create a folder that links to another folder in the same library?



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This is not possible with the default configuration, afaik. While there are some workarounds to redirect folders in SPO, all of them require you to customize the library/page, so they're most likely not supported with Teams. @Juan Carlos González Martín will probably know better :)

It is possible, in your general team press the '+Add Cloud Storage' button, choose SharePoint, then your current site, then the folder you want to link to. It creates a kind of shortcut between these 2 locations.



I tried that. It does not work.
It wont direct to sub folders.

It looks like I have the same requirement. Using the Cloud Storage link adds the folder location at the top level instead of being able to drill down and choose a subfolder location.


I also tried using the Add a tab button and selecting the Document Library (Sharepoint), but this too only selects the top level ocation and doesn't allow you to drill down and select a subfolder location.


This would be a useful enhancement.

A few notes on this:

- the ability to select a specific sub-folder or file to be targeted as shortcut

- the ability for the shortcut name to be customized

- the ability for the shortcut address to be edited

- works across channels


In my case we have sub-teams with their own channels as well as consolidated teams where documents should be centralized.  Having shortcut support within specific Team channels would make the curation of documents much easier.

I can't believe it isn't already implemented. Having the ability for each sub group to separately access their own area of a project, but keep all their bits in one place is pretty fundamental. just having a way to access and share directories in the same way as they are in a normal filesystem would be so much more useful than all the other functional "Fluff".

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The workaround I found was: Add a Tab, then select Website (!) and add the link of the Sharepoint folder you want to link to. @Oskar Kuus 



OMG thank you, we are just setting up Teams and I really was ready to give up on this lack of functionality with files.