LIMIT: you have reached the max number of channels you can auto-share within a team

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Hi everyone,


I created 15 channels in Teams within a Team. However I'm not able to share more than 9 channels with all the team members.


The message says : " you have reached the maximum number of channels you can auto-show within a team. Delete a channel and try again" 


Our teams would require more than 10 channels with people collaborating in each channel. Is there any work-around for this?


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This is because you have the auto show option when creating channels, You are limited to 10 of these. You can create up to 200 current limit on the channels.

What you can do is create channels with the option, then manage the team and channels and remove the auto show option on the existing 10, and then create more channels. This will still auto show the channels for everyone currently int he Team. Just if anyone new comes onto the Team they will only have the current 10 shown automatically.

@Chris Webb So if a new member joins and can only see the current 10, how do I add them to the remaining channels? Sorry if it is a basic question, I'm a new user.

They have to show the channels themselves, they have access to all channels in the Team, it just shows them under "Hidden channels", then can easily go show the ones that they want.
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