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Not sure if this is possible but I am trying to invite a large number of people to a training program but limit the number of participants per session.
For eg: ill invite 150 people for the training program but limit the attendees to 25 per session.
Any thought or ides will be appreciated

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The only way would be to use separate invites.

Hi @Devp20,


there is a Bulk Import Button in the Settings of each of your Teams.


I would recommend to you doing this:

1) Create an Excel List, like these guys did: 

2) Create 6 Teams in MS Teams and use your 6 Mail Address Lists to add new Members. If they are Guests, you first  have to activate the "anonymous user can join a meeting" - option in MS Teams Admin Center - Meeting - Meeting Settings - Participants (first checkbox on this settings page). Note, that the change can last for 24 hours before your meeting with external guests...

3) The 6 Teams each have now a named Group Email, so you now can easily invite them via your Teams Calender, or you can do this in your Outlook. 

Hope you like my Ideas, so pls. give LIKe, if it works for your purpose.


Greets, Eva.

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