Lenevo ideaPad 3 crash with Teams app

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Hi, I have a Lenovo Ideanpad 3 15ADA05 and the other dat i installed Teams app.
During a videocall the PC crash: on display the teams view was freezed and i can't interact on anything, no keys on the keyboard were functioning, only the mouse were funnctioning but if i push on of the mouse key (left or right) i hear the sounds typycal of bios.
No keys combination like ctrl+alt+canc were fyunctioning and even the power button was not functioning and I can't event turn-off the PC keeping pushed the power button.
After around 30 minutes the PC came back from freeze and all was normal.


In the past i use regularry Team via web without any problem.


I see in other thread similar crash problems with Teams during videocall but none that freeze the power button of the PC.


Some ideas?

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Might be worth checking out this thread about issues related to a recent Lenovo update causing issues, and a mitigation where tuning down the CPU 1% avoids the problem.


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