Legacy email login won't let me use MS Teams

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When I try to log onto teams (free version) I am told that my email is alreaady registered to a work/school account and that I need to contact the admin there. Problem is, it is my personal email and domain name and I have not used a pay/business account with Microsoft and this email. The rest of my microsoft products use this email, but they are just paid Office packages, not 360 or subscription. Can someone help me use this email to log into teams?

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Thanks, but I am trying to do it so that I can keep this email as all my other microsoft apps are the same email/account

@edward04 Has it ever worked?

@ChristianBergstromIt works fine when I am invited to join other teams meetings, just can't use my own.

This is the error message I get - its my own email on my own private domain. I have no recollection of ever having it work from scratch. Whenever I have tried, I just get this message:teams error msg.pngThanks


@ChristianBergstromAlthough I did have a moment when I was trained in how to use teams and when I logged in after that, their company always came up first. I ahve since had them remove me from their list of users so now it doesn't show up and I get the above message every time

@edward04 Hmm feels like it could be the cache that is causing it or something like that. These are the most difficult question trying to assist as you don't know anything about the setup etc. What happens if you use the web version of Teams with InPrivate / Incognito browser sessions. Still same behavior?


Have you had a look at Leave an organization as a guest user - Azure Active Directory | Microsoft Docs if you're still connected to an org.?


Thanks for all your persistence

So I get the same message through an incognito browser log in on the web app. I am also told I have a choice between a work and a personal account - but both use the same email.

I also went into the Azure link you sent and the only organisation I have is my own, and I can't unsubscribe from that.

Any other ideas?

Hi, did you read the very first link about the service degradation, sure sounds like it.


Thanks. Yes I did, I was trying to avoid creating another user name for my personal account. I have also tried the other pieces such as uninstalling and reinstalling, although I did just find an MS Teams file from May which was when i first started using it and have deleted that and uninstalled teams. I am not sure that will work as I have already done everything but that before. If i try it again, I will try the broswer first and see, but the fact that I get the same error then makes me think the only option si to change my user name - which I am trying to avoid.

See the second link in my first reply. Open up ”I keep receiving the "Which account do you want to use?"


Thanks - I have tried those too.

I think its because I had an account created on Azure when I went on a Teams training

I have now deleted my Azure Tenant that seems to have been created but that doesn't seem to have worked either...

I am going to bed. Very weird


CORRECTION - I tried to delete my azure account, but I can't seem to do that either...

To add, I wasn't the person who created the Azure/Work account, I just gave my email to the company that was training me...

What a mess. Have you looked at this as well? https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/delete-your-teams-free-organization-2c28cfcf-3fbf-497c-93...

You should reach out to the training company asking what they did and to get some assistance.


Thanks for this - I have tried both those -

My original company has deleted me from their organisation - but I still have an Azure profile and they can't do anything about that.

And I can only do the other fix - delete Free Teams if I can get into teams in the first place - which I can't do either.

Truly a mess...