Left hand navigation disappeared for one user? How to collapse and expand?


One of our users has 'lost' their left hand panel which shows them their list of teams / chats etc?  How does this panel expand / collapse?

They have the left hand main navigation (purple panel showing Chat / Teams / Calendar etc) but when they select either Chat or Teams, they have no way of seeing their list of chats or teams.


Can someone help? 

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@SarahTurner Hi Sarah - we're having the same problem. Any chance you figured out what the issue was?




@Gayle_Robinson No sadly not!  It's just one user and despite a lot of Googling, I can't find anyone who had reported the same issue. 

Anyone have a solution for this yet? We are having the same issue with a user. 



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@SarahTurner We found out what was wrong. She had her screen set to zoom in more than 100%.

Ooh interesting - the browser zoom or her display settings out of interest?

@SarahTurner It was her display settings. She was using the desktop app.



Confirmed it has to do with a Zoom setting. This issues happened to me from using CTRL + Mouse Wheel up while in the teams chat. CTRL + Mouse Wheel Down resolved it by zooming back out. I hope this helps others looking for the cause and a specific fix.


In my case I had unknowingly resized the desktop app's window to just slightly narrower than the threshold for auto-collapse. If the window is wide enough, the sidebar stays open on its own; if it's too narrow then the sidebar collapses when it's not being interacted with.

If it is NOT the zoom setting (try ctrl-mousewheel), it is a rare bug which effect is only negated by restarting your device. App session (and perhaps screen cache?) will then be reset which normally solves the problem.