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One of our customer has Teams direct rouging deployed for different countries, they'd like to save cost for International calling and looking for Least Cost Routing (LCR) approach in Direct routing. We've seen documentation relates to LBR (Location based routing) with Direct routing. Partner understand that this is the other way around for the customers who has local regulation for toll by pass.




1. What about the customers who don't have any local regulation for toll bypass?

2. Can we leverage LCR with Direct routing?

3. Do we have any documentation for LCR with Direct routing?4. If so do we have any high level diagram to illustrate that routing?


Any guidance would be of great help.


Many thanks in advance!

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Yes for the different countries based on the Local Regulations Least Cost Routing is not available. Specially for the countries like India, China, Middle East where our telco regulations are strict and to comply with the Local Telco Regulation we need to ensure that we have the Teams Direct Routing deployed with Location Based Routing.

1. They can leverage the feature for enabling the usage of SBC in multiple different countries for their International Users.
2. Yes LCR can be configured with Direct Routing.
3. Personally I haven't seen any documentation for the same but the configuration is very much possible and most of our giant carriers have configured LCR in their backend to optimize the cost.
4. I can't share the diagram but the following article should be helpful

Let me know in case you need additional information happy to support.

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