Launch MS Teams meeting with an intro slide or music prior to meeting start

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Hello MS Teams users


Background reason of my request

I have a weekly recurring MS Teams with includes about 100 people.  As the host, I normally log on 5 minutes prior.  However, many of the attendees log on once they get their 15 min warning. Which is not a problem.  However, I noticed when reviewing the recorded session some of the new hires do not understand why there is a void and no one is talking or communicating.


My Request

As part of the meeting options when setting up a MS Teams meeting, is there a way to have a PowerPoint slide launch for the early attendees to view until the host arrives?  Or have music play so they know they are in a holding pattern until the start of the meeting.

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@Suzanne_Beeman At the last Ignite Conference Microsoft announced that there would be a new feature called Virtual Green room to allow presenters to control how a meeting starts for their attendees. Details are scarce, but my guess is that will be the solution to your requirements. 

@Steven Collier   Very exciting to hear.  I look forward to hearing the updates on this. 


Thank you for the courtesy of a quick response.