Larger speaker video during screen share for Deaf users needing lip reading

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I work in a large school district that supports students using ASL in mainstream classes. We are having trouble providing access to our Deaf students and staff in Teams meetings because the images become so small when the teacher is sharing their screen for the lesson. It is also challenging to know when a Deaf individual is speaking because there is no audio, only video. 

I was wondering if there was a way to resize or pin a video while screen sharing? This issue makes it very difficult for our students and staff to have equity in the learning process. 



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Unfortunately there is not such way....however there are somethings you could do to help your deaf students:
(1) Prepare a set of tips in the Wiki meeting about how they can ask questions using the chat meeting. You could do the same with a document shared on the chat meeting
(2) Enable Live Captions in the meeting so at least they can see what the teacher is explaining

There is another feature that I know will help you a lot: "Raise hand". It will come during this month

Hi Diana,


I was wondering if you have found a solution. I also need lip reading and found it very difficult when using Teams for the reasons you mentioned.


The only solution to me was to connect two times to the meeting: one through the app and one through the website. By doing this I can resize the speaker and presentation how I want.


I hope Microsoft will do something for this one day!


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