Large Gallery View - Still an incomplete feature

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Hi all, for some time I've been waiting to get the full Large Gallery rather than just the Preview to be made available.  These last few weeks I notice that the 'Preview' label has dropped, but it still seems like an incomplete feature.

  1. You can't pin or spotlight from large gallery view without engaging the Participants pane.
  2. You see yourself in the large gallery, which means you see yourself in two places moving in opposite directions.  This is not great for people with ADHD, which is a concern as we're a college.
  3. Names show up oddly in low resolution, and other parts of the feature have low resolution blips not present in the normal Gallery, which points to lack of stability.

Is it just people in our organisation that are experiencing this?  Is the feature still in development in spite of the lack of a 'Preview' tag?  I can't find anything recent on the feature.

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