Large Gallery View not Supported in MTR

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The latest version of Microsoft Teams,, has many new features including large gallery view which can increase the video layout up to 49 visible participants.


Unfortunately these new features are not offered with the Microsoft Teams Room app that do not have collaboration bars. We are currently using a Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 for Microsoft Teams Rooms. 


Do we know when this will be available on this platform. These devices are only 18 months old and we would like to take advantage of this feature specifically. 


Thank you. 

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Many features released to Teams clients comes to MTR devices later. Large gallery view should come to MTR devices, but I've not seen anything from Microsoft about it. There is an uservoice requesting the same, vote for that and comment.


@Linus Cansby 


Thanks Linus. I've voted and added a comment. 


As you mentioned it might just take time before it becomes available.


Thank you for the input. 

Microsoft Ignite is next week. I’d register “free” if you haven’t yet and keep an eye out on Teams Meeting / Device sessions. If anything is coming soon / roadmaps you’ll find out there. And there should even be QA so you can ask if they don’t discuss!