Laptop crashes when I join a Teams meeting or make a Teams call

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This issue started happening recently and i can easily reproduce it.  Using my T420s lenevo laptop running Windows 10 Enterprise.  Each time i click on Join meeting or try to make a Teams call i get the blue screen saying :( Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collecting info......SYSYTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (dxgkrnl.sys).  It's an old laptop but still running well except for the fact that the battery drains in less than 60 minutes.  I tried few suggestion found on the web with no luck.  Installed al the windows updates, cleared the Teams cache and updated the drivers...

Teams app still runs fine with chats but i'm not using it to join meetings anymore, i use Teams on the web instead.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Considering that it related to meetings its most likely the hardware used for audio. Question, do the calls and meeting work on the same laptop via the web browser?
Hi Paul,
The answer is yes, I am currently using Teams using my Chrome Browser with no issues. I can make and receive calls, join meetings with audio and video and share my screen with no issues at all.
I had a similar issue a while back and it ended up being my audio device. Updated the firmware and its been fine since then. Assuming that the crash happens on audio only calls. You could also try a different audio device (always use certified for Teams, avoid headaches)
Thank you Paul.
I went to the Lenovo site, downloaded all the driver updates for my laptop and tried again. No luck still no luck . I read that the minidump will contain information about the exact driver that is causing the crash. Followed some instructions from the web and was able to save the dump file into a text file. Unfortunately there is a nothing in that file that I can easily understand so I'll keep trying to decipher what's in the file.


I have exactly the same problem, on a Dell Latitude E5410, ten years old, with W10 Enterpise, as you. It worked fine until today, when it started crashing everytime I try to join a meeting, with or without the audio. I have not carried out any hardware modification.