Label Change within Planner

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When using Planner, the labels selected inside the task box would appear as small squares to the right of the task. 


Now these labels are no longer on the right, but instead on the top of the task card. 


Does anyone know if this is an update through Microsoft or if this is a setting that can be changed? I personally think with the labels now on top it makes the task card look a bit busy. 

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Yes, apparently this a "silent" update done by Microsoft to Planner
best response confirmed by Brian Smith (CSS) (Microsoft)
Yes. This is a foundational update which will allow building future features and experience improvements.

@Anubhav Singh (OFFICE 365) 

Real problem with this now is that you cannot change the label text as the feature update has now removed the functionality. So makes labels irrelevant. Is this going to be reintroduced? Was about to use Planner in anger across organisations and this is pushing me to Trello.

Quick update to this - cannot do this via online - but can do it on mobile app

@Stevet2325 I agree, we need this option back.