Kicked From Teams Chat Everyday

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I am having an issue with teams where I will be kicked from the company-wide teams everyday and need to be manually re-added. 


Any advice on how we can fix this? 


Many Thanks

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Most probably the owner of the teams tries to communicate with members by opening the camera, so it creates a new task. From the teams calendar where you schedule the meetings, you should just go to Teams > click on the meeting.



I am also having the problem described from above.   


I appreciate your answer, but I don't think you understand the issue.  This isn't just a chat room isolated incident... this is being kicked out of the Team on a daily basis.  The Admin will then invite me back to the team, only to have a random member kick me out again.  Sometimes I don't stay in the team for longer than 24 hours.

Any ideas?

@JohnC520 Have you got some 3rdparty tool in place which arranges governance?

@paul keijzers I can't answer for @JohnC520 but, it sounds like the same issue that I have and we do not have any 3rd party software. All arranged through Teams. 

Does it also appear in the general channel as a message? Like matt was removed?

@paul keijzers It does yes. It always says that someone has removed me. Usually the same person.

@paul keijzers I agree with Matt.  We don't use 3rd party (funny, that right off the bat it couldn't POSSIBLY be a Teams problem).   

And yes, it is the same person that is removing me each day.

Matt, was your account ever removed or disabled at one point?

I was laid off from my company, and the rehired. We think this may have something to do with it, but doesn't explain why the owner of the team's account removes me each day.

Hi @JohnC520 Yes, that is exactly the same scenario. I left and returned after 6 months.  

Our IT department solved the problem.  I didn't get total specifics, but perhaps this is something you can work with.


The issue stemmed from my mailbox being shared.  When I was laid off, they shared my mail box, (probably so they could monitor responses to tickets/cases I still had open).  So when I came back they needed to revert it back to a normal mailbox.  Apparently this process wasn't so straight forward and they attempted to do it a couple times.  Naturally, as soon as they got Microsoft on the phone, it worked.


Good luck!