Just installed and it only opens in full screen mode... very frustrating

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On a Mac. Catalina 10.15.4


So if i get message notification in the upper right and click it, Teams opens a full screen window. I go and resize to the proper (smaller) size. If I close and reopen, it goes full screen again! If i minimize and click the icon in the dock, it opens at the size i had it before minimizing. If a notification message comes in the upper right and I click it, it goes full screen again! This only happened on the install two days ago. My install from 6months ago untill last week (regularly updating) never had this issue. Any advice to get the screen to stay smaller size I want it to be?


NOTE, this is not related to the "Toggle Full Screen" option. This is technically not "Full screen" but rather gives a window that takes up the full space of the monitor being used (happens to be my laptop screen size)

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