Just installed and it only opens in full screen mode... very frustrating

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On a Mac. Catalina 10.15.4


So if i get message notification in the upper right and click it, Teams opens a full screen window. I go and resize to the proper (smaller) size. If I close and reopen, it goes full screen again! If i minimize and click the icon in the dock, it opens at the size i had it before minimizing. If a notification message comes in the upper right and I click it, it goes full screen again! This only happened on the install two days ago. My install from 6months ago untill last week (regularly updating) never had this issue. Any advice to get the screen to stay smaller size I want it to be?


NOTE, this is not related to the "Toggle Full Screen" option. This is technically not "Full screen" but rather gives a window that takes up the full space of the monitor being used (happens to be my laptop screen size)

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I am getting similar reports from frustrated Mac users that Teams always opens full screen even after they have resized. If they File >Quit Teams when resized it will open resized but navigating away from the app and go back to it it always opens full screen. This does not happen for them with other MS apps such as OneNote/ Word
Same, I hope it gets fixed soon. It distracts me during my work flow. I am on an iMac.
Not just happening on Macs, it started happening on my Win 10 desktop just after the most recent update.
I started noticing this behavior on my Win 7 desktop a day or so ago. Currently at Teams Version (64-bit) last updated on 4/8/21.
So I went to Uptodown.com and tried several older versions of Teams, and version (64-bit) (released 2021-02-02) made it work properly again. Of course Teams will automatically update itself any time now, and if the bad behavior returns I will just keep going back to until something changes.
This has just started happening to me today. It is so frustrating.
I got the solution just click alt+space and there you will find an option to undo the full screen mode

@Dilemma_RK Glad you figured that out, maybe that action is not as well known as I would think it was. But that is not a solution to the problem posed. The problem is that Teams first opens in full screen mode, necessitating extra user action such as you mention. Many of us find that an annoyance. Teams used to open back up in whatever state it had been closed, instead of always opening in full screen, and we would like to get Teams working in a way so that we do not have to do Alt+Space, Enter, and then mouse around to properly resize the window each and every time we open Teams. Thanks.

Confirm same behavior on macOS 11.7.4 and Microsoft Teams Version last updated on 2023-02-09. Today is 2023-02-17. Two years later, problem still exactly in the same state.