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I search for a word in MS Teams and get a result from a chat with someone 2 years back. But I want to see the entire conversation from that day. Is there a way to jump to that date in the chat history? Currently I have to scroll up for a very long time. It's extremely tedious. We should be able to jump to the date of the conversation by clicking on the search result.


As the years go by these Teams conversation build up more and more essential knowledge that we need to access more easily.

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Actually, yes! The two workarounds posted in replies there appear to work for me.

1. From ChrisO9, doing the search, seeing who you were chatting with in the search result, pop out the chat with that person, then search again. Now "go to message" will scroll in that pop out window.

2. From Richard Vicary, "pin" the search result, then go back to the chat thread and click on the pinned message. You will scroll to the results.

An improvement that doesn't require so many steps would be ideal, but these work for now. Thanks.

Microsoft have a feature for jump to date:
- Open teams
- Open chat
- Press CTRL+F
- Type: Sent:20.08
Because I am located in Europe we have dates in format: Day.Month maybe in US it's Month/Day e.g. 08/20

All functions are documented here:

They are using KQL which is documented here:

@Rainer_Work for me this just lists the messages at the side of the screen, the same way that searching for a key word does. It doesn't take me to that date in the main body of the Teams chat

@Lizzie-C Yes that's correct for messages which are older (messages in cache are getting jumped right in). In the older messages case only pinning is doing the magic. But nevertheless you can search for a particular date, then jump with pin to it.

Re 1: when I pop out a chat with a specific person, I do not have a search field within the popped out window. And Ctrl+F doesn't work. How do you search after popping out a chat with a person?
Yeah, it's an annoying multistep process.
1. In the main Teams window, I search for some word "xyz", and see I discussed it with "Alice" sometime in the past.
2. Then I got to the chat with Alice and pop it out.
3. Then go back to the main Teams window and search AGAIN for "xyz", and find the same item showing the discussion with Alice.
4. Now when you click "Go to Message" it will scroll in that popup from step 2.

BUT, it now appears that just clicking "Go to Message" from Step 1 does jump to the whole conversation context in the past. So it appears they have fixed the original issue after all, and all those steps or other workaround might not be necessary anymore.

@gnbCD but if I don't know what word to search, I just want to go to a specific date and see all the conversation that I had? I have a chat with 4 people here, and I just want to see what we talked in some day in the past.

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