Joining Zoom Meeting from Teams Room

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I have Teams rooms set up with HP Slices in 3 of our offices, but many of our customers use Zoom as their meeting service. Is there a way to join a Zoom meeting easily from the Teams hardware we have installed?

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Yes. With plain zoom links it works fine. But not with

@astraitman  Same issue here. Standard Zoom URLs work but custom company URLS do not work

With the custom zoom links, have you tried setting the Teams Room as an attendee and the location being the zoom link?
It could also be that the link protection is filtering the custom links if the asterisk isn't before .zoom as well as after.

@RayGentry Yes to both. Required attendee and meeting URL is in the email body and the location

I looked at that too. We have **, ** and **

I am having an issue with a client that has multiple Crestron Flex MTR's that join Zoom meetings, and at around the 40 min mark or so the video stops. Room stays in the meeting, audio gets passed, but video to the display in room and camera feed out stop working. A premier Zoom account starts the meeting so it isn't a license issue. Anyone else have this issue or know how to fix it? My client has been having to deal with this for quite some time now. @astraitman 

Hello Community,

Any news about VCI support by Android? I must be attend a confcall provide by Zoom, Webex and BlueJeans.
The public roadmap has been updated to say it will be April 2022.

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Could you please let me know if the 3rd party meeting join (ZOOM, Webex) is available on Android based MTR (Poly X studio with TC8 controller) If not is there a road map for the feature set.

Yes it’s on the public roadmap. Now estimated for June 2022