Joining Zoom Meeting from Teams Room

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I have Teams rooms set up with HP Slices in 3 of our offices, but many of our customers use Zoom as their meeting service. Is there a way to join a Zoom meeting easily from the Teams hardware we have installed?

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We have a Crestron Flex MTR and it's been working great for Teams, Zoom and WebEx meetings. For Zoom meetings, the system displays content on one screen and participants on the other, but for Zoom and WebEx, it puts everyone on one screen. There is a option in Zoom to utilize two screen. 


Does the Zoom client on the MTR have this capability?

Hi Victor, the Direct Guest Join access is only able to do single screen in Zoom or Webex. It is not able to use that 2nd screen at preset due to the WebRTC limitations.

@Graham Walsh Hi Graham - do you know if the ability to join Zoom/WebEx meetings is available via something like a Poly TC8 (i.e. Android based Teams Rooms devices) as opposed to Windows based devices like the Poly GC8?

It's not possible today with Android Based room systems, only Windows MTRs

@Graham Walsh found today that meetings created in Webex as a personal room meeting work fine sent as guest join to an MTR. The join button is formatted as "".  Meetings created in a Webex Space that format the join button as "" do not work when an MTR is invited.  I tried re-formatting the hyperlink, changing the "m" to "meet" but that didn't work either.  I also note that some Webex Spaces create meetings with a "" link and some create meetings with a "" link.  I can't seem to find the logic/common denominator on the difference in the Spaces but neither of them work as guest join on an MTR anyway.

Thanks, Tim, for that detail, if you don't mind, I'll add that to my blog for anyone troubleshooting in the future.

@Graham Walsh absolutely.

@Graham Walsh Are there any plans, that you know of, to add Android based systems?  Or, do you know of an ETA that Android will be added?

Hi @AlyssaMathews I don't have any details of an ETA on Guest Join on Android. It is not on the public roadmap yet. If you wanted to get more accurate data, then I'd suggest speaking with your local Microsoft contact.
Thank you!

Is it possible there are different WebRTC implementations for the personal room vs meetings? @TimHeidemann 

we are facing problems to join Zoom Meetings from a Lenovo Thinksmart HUB 500. We have already gone through this article:
We have no problems with invitation links. We cannot join meetings with <company> URL rewrite is not enabled. As mentioned, we have everything configured as mentioned in the article. Hope someone here is aware of the issue.

Do you get a zoom meeting invite on the centre of room console? If so, is there a Join button?
Hi Graham, thank you for the quick response. Yes, the invite is visible on the centre of room console, and I can see the Join button. But we can not join the meeting.
OK, that's good that it's reaching the calendar etc. Try and set some random details in the custom info settings for 3rd party join in the settings. I would also try to open the room calendar on the MTR desktop browser and ensure it can work from there too in Edge.

I will try that, very best thanks

I was now able to test this on site. It worked from the Edge browser. I have another question Graham.
From time to time, we get feedback from users that joining Zoom meetings is not possible. We have been able to find a corresponding log in the DeviceLogs in this path "1626162649_SRSv2-xxxxx-2021-07-13T09.43.10_02\ThirdPartyLog\ThirdParty.txt". Is there any possibility to increase the LogLevel (for instance to Debug) to get more information than what can be found in the mentioned log?

Furthermore, how can zoom meetings be better trouble shot?

I don't know a way to change the log level I'm afraid. Guess that would be guided by Microsoft Support team. To troubleshoot further, best to open a Microsoft Premier Support case.
I came across the same issue today and was curious if you have found any solution to that issue yet?

@ulrichk Are you trying to join a Zoom URL with a custom domain?