Joining Zoom Meeting from Teams Room

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I have Teams rooms set up with HP Slices in 3 of our offices, but many of our customers use Zoom as their meeting service. Is there a way to join a Zoom meeting easily from the Teams hardware we have installed?

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@astraitman Not yet (at least, not in a directly supported way), but it's my understanding that this is a feature that is coming soon. Keep an eye on the Teams Rooms Release Notes. They just added support to join Cisco WebEx meetings, so it's likely Zoom won't be too far behind.

Thank you!
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I actually just figured out a work-around for the time being. If you use the Admin password to log into the windows settings side of the Slice machine, you're actually using a regular windows interface. You can then use a browser to log into any of these other services as usual and join meetings. In my tests, the hardware (webcam, mic, speakers) all functioned normally.


In essence, using the Slice with the regular PC interface instead of the touchscreen Teams interface

@astraitman - I thought you'd be happy to see yesterday's release notes



The Microsoft Team had previously said "early 2020"... I guess I'll take late 2020 :)


@Jody Finch  Is there any word on what hardware will support this feature? We are looking to build out Team Rooms in our conference rooms but we MUST have support for Zoom meetings as well.  Don't like just setting up a laptop with W10 and forcing users to either login as themselves or a shared account. 

@Jody Finch thank you! When we checked our system a few weeks ago, this hadn't yet been enabled. Is there an automatic software update that'll be pushed to enable this functionality?

@astraitman - I'm not sure of the system requirements but I will say that it works great on our Crestron Flex systems running in Teams Mode.




Be sure to go into your device settings (Main Teams Screen '...' -> Devices Settings -> un/pw) and go to the "Meetings tab" and set Zoom (preview) to ON.




Alternatively, this can done centrally for all TMR devices from Teams admin ( -> un/pw ->  Devices -> Teams Rooms):


  • For an individual device - click the room name, go to actions, edit settings, and choose "Join Third-Party Meetings".
  • For multiple devices - click the check mark beside each device (or the check up top for all), click "Edit Settings", choose "Meetings" -> "Join third-party meetings" -> "Replace Existing Value with" -> "Cisco Webex and Zoom".

I hope this helps!

I just saw that @Graham Walsh wrote up a thorough how-to. 

Check that out @astraitman. Nice job Graham.

Hi Jeff, all MTR certified hardware will be able to use the Guest Join feature for Webex and Zoom. Devices can be found here at

@Jody Finch  Thanks for the detailed response. I am using the Logitech Rally Plus (it is a certified device). I do not see the option Settings for Meetings.  Also, I do not see the device listed under my Teams Admin > Rooms. The device is acting like a Room. I can use the proximity join feature as expected. 

Hi @Jeff Harlow ,

I reached out to a friend who uses Logitech Rally at his firm. He confirmed that his Rally's are showing the option.


Perhaps Teams Room updates are blocked for some reason (firewall/proxy)? Perhaps you're on a GCC or other cloud that doesn't yet support TMR mgmt and updates? This could be a clue to why the room doesn't show up in the Teams Admin -> Teams Room portal for you too.

Are you able to get to the internet if you log into the Windows on the TRM ("Windows Settings" -> Admin)?

@Jody Finch  What device is he using for Teams Room? I have the Nuc with Tap. That screen does not look like mine. For example, I have a blue bar at the top. I only have 4 options on the left; User Account, Features, Theming, Windows Settings. (screenshot below) 


Our firewall does not block any outbound TCP/UDP traffic. We do have web filtering via the Palo Alto. I excluded this device to see if that makes any difference.    We are not a government tenant. IF anything, we actually have first release enabled on all of our accounts and the tenant. 


I did log into the device as the admin. I am able to access the web. Even downloaded Edge :) No noticeable limitations. 





Per the device, 

Software Build

Provisioning version 14

Windows build 10.0.18363.1139


I just did a reset device and still not showing those options nor showing in TMR (I assume this is referring to the Teams Admin). 

Just seen you're on, so you'll need to update your system.  Open the Microsoft Store and do a check for updates.  You should be on 

@Graham Walsh I was actually coming back to report that over the weekend the device started working as expected.  But I see now, that more than likely the app just updated it self over the weekend.  


Still running into a few hiccups. For example, it seems to going to sleep and when it wakes, it can take a couple of minutes some times. I jumped into Windows and turned off all power savings and set it to max performance (it is after all an i7).  


I can now manage the device through Teams Admin as well. However, I am surprised I cannot manage updates (or even check for updates).  The device is also still running 1909 of Windows. Not sure why 20H1 is not available much less 20H2 at this point). 


One other thing, and this might be a uservoice request. I love how on the Tap, it shows the upcoming meeting. I would like that to appear on the TV as well instead of just the Time and Room name. 

Hi Jeff

Windows 2004 isn't certified for MTRs yet, it will fail to install if you try it. Microsoft unblock the windows version with the MTR app once validated.

App and OS management can be done today with Intune, but more features are due over time as well.

As for showing the calendar information on the Front of Room display, that would certainly be an item for User voice if not already on there.

@Graham Walsh  Thanks for the update.  Interesting they are so far behind. My only concern with these kind of devices is long term support. Hopefully that will not become an issue. 


I was thinking about Intune but I thought devices in intune had to be licensed to a user. This is for a conference room. I suppose, since the conference room has a mailbox and a license, I could use that same account... right now, it is just using the default user account. 


I figured the FoR display could not be altered and user voice was going to be the answer. Hopefully, MS opens this up more.  Feels like a no brainer to display the upcoming meeting though. 

Hi Jeff, when you purchase the Meeting Room license, that includes Intune, so it has you covered :)

As for upcoming meetings, there is a new Teams Panel coming which is displayed outside the room.

I used the Zoom preview today and had a few issues.  It decided to use our content camera for the webcam and I wasn't sure how to make it use the other camera.  For some reason in the middle of the meeting the screen also went black for a little bit, and when it came back we were not longer able to see the slide show.  Just thought I would post some feedback.  This was only our first meeting using Zoom on a Teams Room device.