Joining Teams meeting with unsupported browser, redirects to edge and then requires a login...


When inviting external users (which are not setup as guests) to a Teams video meeting, and the external users default browser is not a supported one, the following happens:

  1. A message says that the current browser is not supported. The user can either download and install the Teams App (which is not allowed for most of them), or they can try the invite link with Edge (if on a Windows PC).
  2. When selecting the Edge option, they are presented with a login prompt. Usually those users do not have a Teams login, nor do they need an MSN account. 
  3. The "best workaround" is to ask them to open the received invite link in a supported browser directly (copy link and paste to the address field of Edge (!) or Chrome, for example). In that case, they can attend the meeting without login prompt. 

So, how to I get rid of the login (or create account) prompt when users are redirected from an unsupported browser to Edge?






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We are experiencing the same issue in our environment.

Hello @JanusStampe ,

Good to know that I am not the only one.

Do you have an idea or process which is easy to understand for users that might be less complicated than the one I described?

Users tend to go the "easy" way.. Zoom... despite all the security issues and such... it is bloody simple to use. Compared to Teams that is...