Joining MS teams meeting with two devices and sharing screen from one device

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I have two devices: an Ipad and a Mac. I am using the MS teams app on both. I can join meetings with both devices at the same time using the same account.


Up until recently I could share the screen of the Ipad (e.g. to draw something) and see the screen content of the Ipad on my Mac. While it is still possible now to share the screen of my Ipad with other participants, my own Mac is no longer showing my shared Ipad screen.


Conversely, when I share my Mac screen, I can see it on my Ipad.


What could possibly cause this? Any help getting my Ipad screen showing up on my Mac again is appreciated. Thanks!


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I have the exact same issue but with an iPad and HP laptop. Until the latest upgrade to teams, my class and I could see what I was doing in Notability. Now my class can still see it but I no longer can on my laptop.



Thanks, this confirms my suspicion that the app for the Ipad is somehow buggy.

I am using the goodnotes app to share content, but this should be irrelevant, as sharing the screen altogether or any other app shows the same behaviour. So we have the same case it seems.


Is this the right forum to report a bug?

@Wilhelm_Fischer  Hey, having the same issue, worked up until yesterday.  Was able to share from iPad and see on my iMac, now just shows the "person" icon in the center of the screen.  As you described everyone else sees the iPad screen except me.  There was an update to the Team App, that changed how you share/broadcast your screen, but that did not fix the issue.

@Wilhelm_Fischer My teachers are having the same issue. The real downside is in the past the teacher would share the laptop screen for the kids in the room, but work on the iPad - now they can't do that thanks to this update. The iPad can't connect to Teams and the AirPlay at the same time, so that is not an option either. We had some amazing synchronous learning going on, now...not so much. Has anyone heard from Microsoft if they even know this is an issue?

Hi @alexmbraden

Have you managed to find a solution to the above problem?

@dginsburg Unfortunately I'm not in a position to check this at this time. I'll check in the Fall. :)

@dginsburg @alexmbraden  I am able to join a meeting from an iPad using the same account on the desktop app and see the shared screen content from the iPad on both the screen for my student account (web app) and in my desktop app meeting as myself. Here is a screenshot of my desktop app with the content showing from the OneNote app on the iPad on my desktop app (Dell laptop). Video along the bottom is the video from my Test Student account running in the web app (in Google Chrome) with the camera on and the profile picture is for my account as joined on the desktop app of that machine.

Here is the student view in the browser:


The issue that I have noticed is the first time in the meeting that you try to share the iPad screen in this set-up, it doesn't work. Once you click 'Start Broadcast' on the iPad, a spinning wheel will appear beside Microsoft Teams and will spin endlessly. However, if you stop the broadcast and Start screen sharing again it will work. This is an annoying quirk, which may be attribute to iOS or the Teams app (I'm not sure), but you can still get it to work.


@Wilhelm_Fischer Exactly the same issue with Windows PC and Android Tablet.  

Same here. Hope they fix this problem, because I absolutely dislike having to ask every time 'can you see the screen?'.
Anyone came across a solution for this issue. This is not fixed in recent major update as it seems. Im sharing my samsung note screen and i used to view how it appears to others through my windows laptop. Now i only can see a gray screen.


Screen sharing between devices has also stopped working for me sometime during the last week or two. I don't like this change. The previous behavior was very useful.

I kindly ask Microsoft to restore this feature, as an option if necessary.


Hypothesis: Microsoft has crippled the Windows 10  Teams app, either accidentally or purposefully, by preventing sharing of screens when the same user is signed into multiple devices. (Possibly to save bandwidth?) 


Previously I could start a meeting on LT1, connect a second device DT1 and then share a screen from DT1. It would appear on LT1 as well as on screens for all other  meeting participants.


Now it still appears for other participants, but LT1 no longer presents it. The participant Icons disappear and the screen presentation area goes blank. Once I stop presenting, the icons return.



I setup 5 devices , LT1, LT2, DT1, DT2 (all windows 10) & Mobile1 (android) .

I start a meeting on LT1, then signed in on each other device -> LT2, DT1, DT2 and Mobile 1.

I tried all permutations of sharing screens, apps and whiteboard on each device one at a time.



Shared Screen & Shared App:  Mobile 1 presented all shares. All other devices failed to present.

Shared White board: All devices presented & interacted with the whiteboard.






I'm having the exactly same problem for the last 3 weeks or so.

Any solutions yet?

@nadiacmoreira I have exactly the same issue - only just noticed it though

Same issue here. Used to work, now it doesn't.

Same issue - was using an iPad to screen share on my HP and it's not working.  This is a huge detriment to my work.  Was really hoping Microsoft had solutioned this as it's been over a year now.

  • @georgereimer I have noticed this same issue in the past month or so since the update. I am often presenting from my PC work laptop, so I have a more control over the mouse/information directly from my laptop. I then sign onto (with the same account) large conference room computers connected to a TV or projector. These conference room computers are often slower to respond when pulling up documents/files/presentations so the laptop is the best option for me. This option used to be performed seamlessly and made for a very efficient presentation. Now that this feature is gone, if I sign onto 2 devices with 1 account and present, the shared content does not even show up on the other device. Now that leaves me to presenting directly from the conference room computers that lag so badly. I wish this feature could be restored with Microsoft Teams because I didn't have to have that 2nd person to log into the 2nd device. It is time-consuming and tedious to have two different people signing on when starting a presentation. 
If you have access to Premier / Unified Support, I suggest opening a case. The more people that report this, the better chance of it getting resolved.
This issue has been reported with the New builds and there are many posts about the same on different forums. Like this one
This issues plagues both Windows and Mac machines, the screen share from Desktop/Mac using same account can be viewed in Teams Android/Ios versions, along with if you are using Teams Web then you will be able to view the self screen share across devices with out any issues, I have heard that MS is working to correct this and it will be fixed soon. In windows based machines using Desktop client you can also use the Window share feature, that works fine across multiple devices. I hope this helps.