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Hi all,


I've had an issue recently joining a meeting that was set up, and I was emailed a link to join as a guest on my personal account. On my device, I both both a personal and work teams account set up.


Prior to clicking the link, I ensured that my "personal" account was the one logged in on Teams, and selected. When I clicked the link in the email, I was offered the options of downloading the app, using the browser, or that I already have the app installed:



However, I found that when I clicked "Open your Teams app", I would always join the meeting using my corporate email address, not my personal one, irrespective of which account I had open in Teams when I clicked the link.


I very much wish to join these meetings, and others like it, using my personal email address and Teams account rather than my work one, but can't seem to figure out how to get Teams to use one account over another when both are available. Any guidance would be appreciated!


Many thanks,



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Hi, yeah it's not ideal to use multiple account on Teams desktop app right now. What people usually do here is using Teams with their browser/browsers and sometimes also with InPrivate / Incognito sessions. What I could suggest is that you choose to manually sign out from Teams and then sign in only with the account you're about to use (i.e. the account the invite has been sent to) instead of switching account from the top right corner.

If you can't seem to get a clean sign out or the possibility to choose what account to use when starting Teams again you can run this script. Just copy and paste into PowerShell and hit enter. It will clear all auto-start settings